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We are some of the best names in the industry who can bring the right attention by bringing in the aspects of affiliate for your business.

What We Can Do For You

The Fastest ROI

The Fastest ROI

We help merchants to have their returns in the shortest possible time.

Real Time Solutions

Real Time Solutions

Rupiz Affiliates works round the clock to deliver services to the merchants without any glitches.

Improvised Tracking Systems

Improvised Tracking Systems

We provide a twofold tracking solution based on IP Tracking and Pixel Based Tracking systems.

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

Merchants’ content and publicity material is provided on a timely basis with the mutual consent of merchant and the network.

Why Us?

We have always cherished the partnership that we build between our merchants and affiliates and agencies too. And to create that, we know it is important to bring all the parties to a realistic shared platform where advertisers, affiliates and agencies get mutually benefited.

If you are a Digital Marketing company looking to maximise your work with affiliate marketing contact us today

#1 Affiliate Agency

Realistic Business Model

We like to dream but more to deliver, and with the help of our experts, we will make sure that you get a realistic picture of our strategy.

Affiliate Marketing Solutions

Working on the right model, which will allow you to have stress free affiliate marketing solution for the most engagements.

Leading Retailers & Brands

We have some of the leading retailers who like to have their name associated with you and with us you can get the right traffic.


They have some of the best team who builds strategy based on the uniqueness of the company giving each and everyone a chance at winning big.

– Roger D. Lynn

Blog Highlights

More Ideas On Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is NOT a guaranteed way to earn an income from using the Internet. It can be an extremely effective business model in which you get a commission for offering products through your own web-site. But…only if you do it right!

Skillset For Affiliate Marketing

Without doubt there are definite skill sets you must learn. Some are simple and easy to implement, if you know how, others can be more complex.

Let’s have a look at how affiliate marketing actually functions in reality.

Most Products Have Affiliate Offers

It’s fair to say that practically most every Internet product will have an affilate program. All you need to do is a search search engines for “affiliate program product” and basically you are bound to locate what you are looking for.

The biggest issue is what products should I choose?

Your individual first choice is essential with this. Firstly, I believe that it is practical to take a look at a marketplace for a product you make use of or like. This way you should be ready to understand how the product works. You are more likely to understand some of the things unique to the market. Your existing knowledge will make it much easier for you to market effectively – because you already know and understand the product and market.

Huge Opportunity

Come what may there exist opportunities wherever you look.

Digitally shipped products are really in demand via the web and Clickbank is the website to start out. There are countless numbers of products from roughly each and every niche from there. You could also use Clickbank as a means of looking into new niches.

If internet marketing training is your market, go to JVZoo. There is a huge marketplace of high conversion products.

Check out this helpful video

If actual physical products are your personal choice then look at Amazon, Commission Junction or Affiliate Window. Once more, there is every single product you can possibly imagine.

Cost Per Action

To end with, you can check out the CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate model. This is where you acquire a fee when some person registers for an offer. A number of the super affiliates follow this model. This is because you simply need the potential customer to complete a form to acquire the payment. You can potentially gain commissions into the hundreds of dollars for simply getting someone to “sign up” for a, for example, free trial. Again, if you know and understand a market intimately, plugging in to the CPA model can be extremely profitable.

The drawback is that several of the CPA corporations can be difficult to attain certification for. You may perhaps have to keep contacting them to accept you. Also, the CPA affiliate networks do offer a more rigourous approval procedure. But, worth it one you are approved!

Yet, over-all affiliate marketing should be a worth while direction to go if you are fresh to on-line marketing. It’s most well-liked because you have no product manufacturing expense and may kick off by simply buiding your own webpage.

Marketing Analytics

Tips to Increase ROI With Marketing Analytics

One of the main goals that people need to follow with the marketing strategy is to bring return on investments. Improving ROI is one of the easiest ways to outline, define and highlight the right campaign to produce positive effects. Here are some of the key factors which will allow one to take the right marketing efforts in being successful through effective analytics.

Leverage Analytics Platform

There is a lot of data analytics platform, which is important, especially when it comes to gaining the right approach for your group. Try to make sure that you are focusing on the right analytics platform, which can help you manage and adjust accordingly. The right execution makes all the difference which supports the strategic utilisation for your business development.

Leverage Analytics Platform

Measure Strategically

Try to make sure that you understand the metrics well, which will bring out the right campaigns and also integrate measures to get you a higher impact. With putting in the efforts to bring out the best marketing strategy, it is almost impossible to get a good return on investment. Start by examining all the layout which can boost the customer’s value and get you the right profits improving your quality of target audience.

Support Automation

Automation can allow one to achieve efficiency, which is one of the best ways to maximise the ROI and help get the right software to do the lifting. Try to get an auto email responder which can help deploy the right sequence to help specify the work. This is one of the best ways to build value to your audience on a daily basis. Using automation effectively is one of the best ways to achieve the most effective productivity allowing you to create new business on your marketing investment.

More sales

Customers are much more knowledgeable today about their buys. They look at blogs, reviews and social networks which has allowed one to access some of the most important information. Sales nothing but a system which allows one to understand the right measure and optimisation, which can lead to traffic and leads. Getting traffic is one of the most easiest ways to help ensure that your pages reach the ROI allowing you to provide the right traffic.

Do not use vanity metrics

Vanity metrics are something which can make you feel good but does not help one make the right decision which can reflect in your revenue. Try to make sure that your focus is set on engagement metrics and other connections which will allow a business to grow in revenue, customers, conversion rates, A/B tests, funnels, cohorts and marketing campaigns. You can also start by creating a personalised report with the right data and allow one to track customer behaviour while analysis your performance regularly.

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